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Alon and Partners500 have provided us with a very down to earth market research, based on actual in depth interviews with relevant people in the industry. Adding to that a high level of understanding of our business, they provided us with a clear analysis of our product offering and market niche. With the bonus of a great networking resource especially for investors.”

Tzahal David, Founder & CEO Softlib  


Not many people can evaluate the complexity and achievement of building a TMA software application that serves hundreds of customers with diverse financial needs, with only one customization library. Even fewer can actually make that point come across in a presentation.  When you add to  this assets, strong networking capabilities it always come back to Alon Blankstein and the Partners500 team.
Danny Goldstein, CEO and Founder Silvernet

Alon & Partners500 where instrumental in jumpstarting our venture. He introduced me to ActiveBase making me their first Angel investor and later joined the founding team as the CEO.

Yoram Nissenboim, CEO and Investor ActiveBase  ​

Alon has unique perspective and remarkable ability to choose the right business opportunities. Working with Alon is an ongoing successful experience.

Harel Cohen, CEO and Founder, FTK Technologies

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