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​About CapsuLINT

CapsuLINT is an Israeli based pharma company that has developed an Oral drug delivery system, designed for facilitated dissolution and potential increased permeability and oral absorption of low solubility drugs and/or low permeability type drugs, in a nano size amorphous dispersion.


Major Milestones

  • ​US Patent granted - Patent No. US 8,187,615 (Application No. 10/585,298) Title: "Non-Aqueous Composition for Oral Delivery of Insoluble Bioactive Agents”
  • Docetaxel Clinical Proof of principle PK in rats

Contact information

Allan Aginsky - Co Founder CapsuLINT

Partners500 Contacts

Doron Freidman - Co Founder & CTO CapsuLINT

Alon Blankstein - Co Founder CapsuLINT

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