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About EarlySense

​The EarlySense System is an innovative, continuous patient monitoring solution transforming healthcare in hospitals and rehabilitation homes worldwide by monitoring patients’ Heart Rate, Respiratory and Movement – without ever touching the patients.

The contact-free sensing capabilities and immediate data transfer enable nurses to proactively provide personalized patient care and potentially prevent adverse events. Through continuous patient supervision, the system can help staff reduce the risk of patient falls and effectively work towards decreasing other adverse events, such as pressure ulcers.

The system’s built-in management tools include a wide range of reports on the status of patients at all times. These include alerts for fall prevention and turn schedule verification to support compliance with the institution’s safe skin protocol. Through continuous supervision, the EarlySense System can empower clinical teams to improve patient safety, enhance patient satisfaction and lead to better financial outcomes.

Contact information

Web site

US EarlySense HQ

Address: 135 Beaver Street  Suite 211
Waltham, MA 02452 US
Phone: (781) 373-3228  Fax: (781) 373-2367

Israel EarlySense HQ

Address: 12 Tsvi Street,
Ramat Gan 52504, ISRAEL
Phone: +972 3.752.2330 Fax: +972 3.752.2340

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Alon Blankstein - Investor & Advisor

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