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About Foamix (nasdaq FOMX)

Foamix Ltd. is a clinical-stage, privately held specialty pharmaceutical company, focused on the development of proprietary topical foams and OilGel™ products for dermatology, gynecology, wounds and burns as well as ophthalmic disorders.

The Company collaborates with leading global pharmaceutical companies in the creation of advanced products with improved convenience, higher compliance and better efficacy, which are backed by an extensive patent portfolio. Our most advanced Rx product is currently in Phase III clinical trials.

Foamix’s first marketed product - Scytera™ - was launched in the U.S. by Dr. Reddy’s in early 2009. Additional partnerships resulted in drugs which are currently in advanced Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials.

Strong in-house pipeline:
Foamix has a strong in-house pipeline of drugs for dermatologic, ophthalmologic and gynecologic indications.
The Company’s lead product under development is the first-in-class Topical Minocycline Foam. It is currently in Phase II clinical studies, addressing large markets in dermatology and ophthalmology. A Phase II clinical study in Impetigo patients has demonstrated high efficacy and favorable safety; two additional Phase II studies in acne and rosacea patients are underway.

Unique delivery systems:
Foamix also offers a patent-pending ‘Metered Dose Dispenser’ for controllable dosing, user convenience & product application efficiency; and a ‘Dual Chamber Device’, for the simultaneous delivery of two incompatible topical drugs.

Development capabilities:
With approximately 20 employees, primarily in Research and Development, the Company’s development capabilities range from initial development of the formulations to scale-up, GMP manufacturing, preclinical and clinical studies.

Foamix has extensive know-how and experience in developing topical drugs, with the aim of delivering them either intradermally (into the skin); or transdermally (through the skin, into the body). The Company uses in vitro test systems to assess the delivery of drugs into and through the skin; such a system is used to select an optimal formulation out of a series of candidates.

Robust intellectual property:
To date, Foamix has 13 issued patents in the U.S., covering its foam and OilGel™ technology platforms. Additionally, the company has more than 140 patents and patent applications worldwide, of which about 60 applications are filed in the U.S.

Contact information

Web site

Foamix HQ

2 Holzman Street, Weizmann-Science Park,

Rehovot 76704, Israel
Tel: +972 8 9316233, Fax: +972 8 9474356

Partners500 Contacts

Dov Tamarkin - Co Founder & CEO

Alon Blankstein - Investor & Advisor


Minocycline Foam
Minocycline Gel
Mometasone Foam
Calcipotriene Foam
Betamethasone Dipropionate
PerFoam® Five

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