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​Alert and connect to friends, family and authorities with the push of a button.

Introducing the Guardly Life Safety Platform. The most comprehensive personal safety service available for families, students, and people just like you.

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20 Maud Street, Suite 207
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2M5 Canada
Telephone - 1-650-262-6120

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Alon Blankstein - Advisory Board Guardly

Guardly at the Press

Code Blue Corporation expands into mobile emergency communication through a new partnership with Guardly

Toronto, Ontario  (September 5, 2012):  Code Blue Corporation today announced it has entered into partnership with Canadian-based Guardly Corp., a company that has an established mobile safety and security platform and set of mobile applications for commercial public safety uses. The partnership will allow Code Blue, already an industry leader in manufacturing emergency communication devices and help points, to enhance the incident initiation and response solutions it currently provides to colleges, corporations and municipalities around the world. Code Blue will become the first provider of blue light emergency phones to include mobile applications into its integrated suite of products that can be used to report emergencies and engage in two-way communication with emergency response personnel.

Customer Pilot Study: Higher Education

Toronto, Ontario (August 15, 2012):  Assessment of Emergency Response Times on Campus when using Guardly Safe Campus™ versus Existing Methods of Reporting, Monitoring and Responding to Incidents. The Campus Security department of a Toronto-based university commissioned this study to determine whether Guardly Safe Campus™ positively influences decision-making and swiftness of incident response efforts by university campus security. The university is responsible for safeguarding over 6,000 students, staff and faculty members and has a multi-building campus nestled within the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario.

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