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About Partners500

About Partners500
Partners500 was founded by experienced industry leaders who view global partnerships and insight as an essential factor of entrepreneurial success. Based on this premise, Partners500 established a premiere network of partnerships and relationships with global corporations and executives to cooperatively align your core competencies with the global market. Partners500 aims to combine your local strengths with our global reach to help solidify your emerging venture to acquire future investment and strategic partnerships.

We expand our global network with our Affiliate relationships, which entail Partners500 acting as a screening arm for the world's leading High-Tech corporations and investment entities. Fundamental to these relationships is an information exchange, whereby we scan the market for technologies that meet corporate needs and gain strategic insight regarding executive perceptions of next generation technologies.

Our Partners are leading service providers and experts who provide support to entrepreneurs along their venture's business critical path of development. Areas of significance include essentials such as: accounting, fundraising, human resources, law, banking, marketing, and technology infrastructure among others. and, the core building block aspect of our network includes first class individuals who may compliment you with high-level skills that round out your founding team or contribute expertise as mentors and board members.

Partners500 offers select entrepreneurs VIP access to our network via our esteemed Entrepreneur Program and our special services. The Entrepreneur Program includes our full partnership and enthusiastic participation in every aspect of your development process while our services can provide you with specialized support in some of the vital areas your team would most like to strengthen.

Partners500 commits to work together with you to overcome challenges and reach success as Your true Venture Partner.



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