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Life Science - Advisory Board

Dr. Dov Tamarkin


Dr. Tamarkin is a co-founder and CEO of Foamix (Nasdaq: FOMX) and co-inventor of the Foamix Foam and OilGel technologies. He has more than twenty five years experience in the direction of preclinical, clinical and regulatory phases of drug development. He has held positions of senior R&D section manager at Teva Pharmaceuticals and served as VP of R&D at Portman Pharmaceuticals, a company that develops immunologic therapies for Type I diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Tamarkin has extensive experience in the set-up and management of start-up pharma companies and in business development. He holds a Ph.D. degree in chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and is the inventor of numerous patents in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry.

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Dr. Doron Friedman


Dr. Friedman is the VP R&D of Lipocure and Co Founder of CapsuLINT & JPMED prior to that CTO and Co founder of Foamix (Nasdaq: FOMX) to name a few.  Doron Friedman holds a B.Pharm., M.Sci and PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Pharmacy in pharmaceutical sciences and a registered pharmacist.

Doron expertise is in bio-pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery Systems, pharmaceutical formulation, drugs oral absorption and bio-availability. Doron record encompasses academic and industrial experience in managing pharmaceutical R&D, products` development from bench idea to the market. Doron experience is in innovative delivery solutions for water insoluble and amphiphilic pharmaceuticals comprising lipidic drug delivery systems, anhydrous emulsions and liposomes. Doron has published twenty pear reviewed papers and over sixty patents in the area of drug delivery systems. Doron is the inventor of Loteprednol etabonate eye drops, Lotemax™ and Scytera™ topical foam formulations, and various topical products.
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