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​About Leuko Ophthalmic Technologies (LeukoTech)

LeukoTech is a company that has devised and retains all the intellectual property for a set of contact lens fabrication technologies for producing contact lenses with “active coloration” characteristics - the lenses exhibit bright colors when outside an eye and become perfectly clear immediately upon insertion into an eye. Active Coloration, in a variety of colors and patterns, is intended to specifically address a variety of ease-of-use difficulties experience on a daily basis by an estimated 125M contact lens users worldwide – more specifically, Active Coloration will assist contact lens users with the daily chore of locating, inserting, and removing their left and right contact lenses. Additionally, Active Coloration in specific patterns mitigates the likelihood of insertion of a “flipped” contact lens into the eye.

Contact information

Web site

LeukoTech Office

Hamenofim 8, 1st fl
Hertzelia, Israel
Telephone - +972 54 5446788

Partners500 Contacts

Alon Blankstein - Chairman LeukoTech

Vladimir Sherman - Co Founder & CTO

Doron Friedman - Advisory Board

Barak Atzmon - Advisory Board

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