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BizDev Services

Strategy and planning are an important part of the success of every venture, but just as important is the implementation of the strategy and plans. Creating the right impression and conducting business in a professional and effective manner is crucial in order to actually run a business. With an extensive network of contacts and many years of experience in every aspect of BizDev, Partners500 has the business experience and communications skills essential for the successful planning and implementation of all your business development needs.
What is your company's real offering?

Choosing one's destination is the 1st step of the Journey

An impartial assessment of the company’s technology, products & services, via Partners500 team, industry experts and/or the target market, can help to clearly understand and define the Unique Selling Points that will be attractive to potential customers, Strategic Partners and Investors and not less important how to communicate this to potential customers and Partners.
Business Development Strategy
Plotting one's journey
How does one take a proactive, planned and direct approach to developing business with their target customers, Strategic partners and investors in mind? Partners500 can help you identify the key players in your chosen markets and plan how to develop business with those companies.
Out Sourcing BizDev, Sales & Marketing
Making the Journey​
Knowing who you want to approach and approaching them is not the same thing!! Once the key targets are identified, it is important to identify the key decision makers within them. With an extensive network of contacts and years of experience in dealing with senior level staff in companies large and small, Partners500 is your partner of choice.
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