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Are you or do you know any ERP and Financial solution providers?

Partners500 is looking for ERP and Financial Software Solution providers In EMEA and North America that would be interested in adding to their offering a Treasury and Financial enterprise software application that is fully integrated with most of the leading ERP applications to date and can be easily integrated to any 3rd party application

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The Road Not Taken


About Partners500


Partners500 was founded by experienced industry leaders who view global partnerships and insight as an essential factor of entrepreneurial success. Based on this premise, Partners500 established a premiere network of partnerships and relationships with global corporations and executives to cooperatively align your core competencies with the global market. Partners500 aims to combine your local strengths with our global reach to help solidify your emerging venture to acquire future investment and strategic partnerships.

What we can do for YOU

For Entrepreneurs

Partners500 is a boutique service provider, a one stop shop for all YOUR ventures' needs on its road to success.
• We will help you define your destination, helping you identify your Unique selling points that will be attractive to potential customers, strategic partners and investors.
• We will help you plot your journey, helping you devise the business strategy and work plan on how to reach your destination.
• We will help you prepare for the journey, building up your team, identifying the resources you need, bridging whatever gaps you have between your current capabilities and what you need to make it in this journey.
• We will make the journey with you, we do not just consult, we actually do the work, may it be supporting your fund raising efforts, helping you build your founding team & advisory board, leading your business development and much more.

For Investors and Strategic Partners 

Partners500 is your eyes and ears to what is happening in the Israeli technology market.
• We will screen and provide you with a high quality deal flow that fits your specific interests with focus on Israel but with the option to look on a wider global perspective as well.
• We will represent your interests, may it be helping the investment/acquisition and due diligence process or even managing that process for you, with the option of acting as your representative in Israel.
• We will help you monitor and support your portfolio increasing your chances for a successful exit.


Our Clients & Portfolio


BizDev Strategy, Planning & Implementation


‹Founding Team Building


Investment Banking


Real Estate

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